4 Gluten Free Bread Alternatives

It may seem like a fad to some, but there’s a good reason why people are going gluten-free.

It’s actually one of the first things we ask our patients to give up, so I thought I would explain the reason why we say no to gluten and how you can still enjoy bread while being gluten-free!

First, it’s important to understand what gluten is.

Gluten is a protein composite in wheat and grains like rye and barley. It's part of what allows bread to rise, however, it is resistant to digestion.  

People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten at all, as it can cause damage to their gastrointestinal system. However, many people have an underlying intolerance to gluten that may be disrupting their digestion, causing discomfort or pain and ultimately, leading to all sorts of issues from skin problems to hormone imbalances.

So, what should you eat instead?

One of the hardest things to give up when going gluten-free is bread. There’s always the vege alternatives like lettuce wraps and mushroom buns, but sometimes you just want a sandwich! The good news is that there are now LOTS of options to choose from.

Here are our four favourite recipes that your tummy will love:

Lifechanging bread - https://www.mullenhealth.com.au/recipes/life-changing-bread

Chickpea flatbread - https://www.mullenhealth.com.au/recipes/chickpea-flatbread

Almond Linseed - https://www.mullenhealth.com.au/recipes/almond-linseed-paleo-bread

Chia Almond - https://www.mullenhealth.com.au/recipes/chia-seed-and-almond-meal-bread

If you are short on time, there are plenty of gluten-free breads to choose from. Our favourite is Dovedale’s gluten free loaf. Always remember to check the ingredients, as many store-bought loaves are high in sugar to up the flavour and texture of the bread.

If you think you might have a gluten intolerance, take action today to improve your health by booking our IgG Food Intolerance Package with your Naturopath at Mullen Health, including our high quality food intolerance test and results visit with diet advice.

Click here for more details on the IgG Food Intolerance Package.

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