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Our goal at Mullen Natural Health Centre is to help you feel the best you possibly can – whether it’s your first time visiting, or you’ve been a client for years.

Our Treatment STEPS - What to Expect

Visit 1 – Initial Consultation

At your Initial Consult; your Naturopath will take a full case history and carry out initial health assessments, including; an Iridology Assessment, pH test to assess your acid/alkaline balance, Zinc Levels and Toxicity Test. The tests provide a starting point for understanding your current health status. During your Initial Consult, your Practitioner will discuss your treatment options

Your Treatment Options

Option One

  • Your Practitioner will develop a treatment plan based on your symptoms and goals.
  • Your Practitioner will treat your symptoms by prescribing herbal medicines and supplements specific to your health concerns.
  • Give you some dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
  • No further testing
  • 12 weeks minimum

Option Two

  • Recommend individualised testing specific to your symptoms to to determine the underlying cause of your health issues
  • Book individualised testing
  • Book Results Visit where you will be given a written report on what is going on as well as a treatment plan specific to you
  • Treatment Plan minimum of 12 weeks

Visit 2 – Your Testing Appointment

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to your testing appointment. Please allow 30-60 minutes for this appointment. Our most popular testing package is our Comprehensive Testing Package; however we offer a range of tests and your practitioner will make a recommendation based on your specific symptoms, health goals and budget.

Our Comprehensive Testing Package includes:

  • Microscopic Blood Analysis: this test provides a clear picture of your current state of health, including nutritional deficiencies, digestive issues, oxidative stress, immune system balance, inflammation, intolerances and more.
  • Dry Blood Analysis: this test tells us about your adrenals, the degree of oxidative stress in the body, food intolerance (non-specific), parasites, yeast, bowel toxicity, lymphatic toxicity and heart, lung and kidney stress. This test is a guide only.

Visit 3 – Results Visit

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member with you to your results appointment for support as there is a lot of information during this appointment. Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment. At your Results Visit; your Naturopath will explain your test results and recommend your individual treatment plan. This will involve dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as supplements specific to your test results.  Here you will gain a thorough understanding of your current health status and learn how to reach your health goals. Following your Results Visit your Practitioner will recommend a schedule of Follow-On appointments; at each appointment you can expect to discuss the progress of your health, goals, symptoms and talk through any road blocks.

Follow-On Consults

Your Naturopath will recommend a schedule of follow-on appointments aimed at achieving your health goals in the shortest period of time.

Maintenance Consults

Once you are feeling great, it is important to maintain your health. We recommend ongoing maintenance care as true preventative health care; this ensures your Naturopath can support you through changes in your health and life.

Private Health Fund Rebates

Due to legislation changes made by the Governement, from 1 April 2019 a range of natural therapies includign Naturopathy will not be covered by private health funds . 

Cancellation Policy
Time is the essence; both yours and ours. So if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we would ask your assistance in providing 24 hours’ notice, so another patient can be allocated this time. Cancellations at short notice may incur a $50 cancellation fee and no shows may be required to pay a $50 deposit for future appointments.

New Patient Deposits
A $50.00 deposit is required to secure your first appointment. The deposit is redeemable off your first appointment. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice may incur a forfeit of deposit. For first appointments rescheduled outside the 24 hour period, the deposit is transferred to the new appointment date. No shows may be required to pay deposits for future appointments.

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